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The management team of the Micro-Generation Technology Fund are frequently invited to submit articles to relevant journals as well as participate as expert speakers at venture-related and technology conferences. The following articles are available for viewing and printing.*

System Integration -- The Missing Link in Distributed Generation Jan., 2000
Investing in Sustainable Energy Systems Fall, 2000
Financing Hydrogen Technologies in a Turbulent Market June, 2001
Investing in Hydrogen Technologies March, 2002
Microgeneration Technology:
Shaping Energy Markets
June, 2003
A Reality Check on Venture Investing in Clean Energy Technologies March, 2004
Hydrogen Generation and Fuel Cells April, 2004
Investing in Hydrogen Technologies - Report from the Front Lines March, 2005
Innovative Venture Financing of Renewables Sept, 2005
Energy Venture Capital: The New Wave May, 2006
Financing the Industrial Development of Hydrogen June, 2006
Hydrogen: Enabling the Solar Option October, 2006
The Carbon Problem: What Can We Do About It?** June, 2009

*The articles are available in pdf format which will require that the host system have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your system does not have Acrobat Reader, please visit www.adobe.com to download a free version.

**This talk has evolved from its original version, which was presented at a conference held at Cornell University in March 2008, to the version reproduced here, which was presented at Stanford University in mid-2009. It will be refined further over time as new information becomes available.



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