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Aretê Corporation has been managing venture capital funds since 1985. The five original Utech Funds and the Micro-Generation Technology Fund were completed as of 2007. During this 22-year period, the Aretê team invested in nearly eighty companies, of which 22 were related to micro-generation. Some of the more prominent among those companies are:

  1. Ballard Power Systems* (PEM fuel cell)
  2. Astropower* (photovoltaics, acquired by GE)
  3. American Superconductor* (HTSC)
  4. Superconductivity, Inc. (micro-SMES; acquired by ASC)
  5. Evergreen Solar* (photovoltaics)
  6. StatPower (inverters; acquired by Xantrex*)
  7. Northern Power Systems (wind systems)
  8. Proton Energy Systems* (PEM electrolyzers)
  9. Capstone Turbine* (micro-turbines)
  10. Beacon Power* (flywheels)
  11. Hydrogenics* (PEM fuel cells and test stations)
  12. H2Gen Innovations, Inc. (steam methane reformer)
  13. Angstrom Power, Inc. (micro fuel cells)

*Public Company (Proton Energy Systems is again a private company.)

We believe that this investment track record establishes our position as among the world leading investors in the micro-generation and alternative energy space. That track record is now being enhanced through investments made by our newest fund, SC Green Tech Ventures, and by our management team through their own private portfolios.


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